Sorry they are not available.  Sound design is an art - many hours of imagination, experimentation, and brainpower goes into sound design.  There is no personal gain to giving away hours of work, I've been screwed too many times, so please don't email me or confront me about it on the internet because you will be ignored.  This is a scavenger industry where valuable works are stolen all the time and skills are exploited without compensation.  There are no free lunches.  No one is entitled to gain benefit from other's labors/experiences.  Learn through your OWN hard work and experimentation.  I've heard the arguments about sharing, the rallying cry that "information wants to be free" - sorry, I don't buy it.  We are a nation of brain-dead misfits looking for shortcuts.  So if that means you have to engage your brain cells (gasp!) and work at it (work - that ugly word) instead of taking the shortcut route, then tough noogies.

I believe in providing enough information for interested parties to use it to create something on their own.  One of the benefits of experimentation is that it will lead you to places you never would have envisaged before.  You expand your mind.  But you cheat yourself out of that if you did nothing more than download a patch.

Yes I did share patches for the Alesis Andromeda, thanks for pointing that out.  The difference is I was compensated for my work.